Award Winning Architect Studio: Small Works Winner

Celebrating Excellence: Our Award-Winning Build on Jennings Road

At Sheldon Peever Studio, we take immense pride in our commitment to crafting architectural marvels that not only stand as functional spaces but also inspire and captivate. Today, we are excited to take you on a journey through one of our most cherished achievements – the award-winning build on Jennings Road.

In 2019, our dedication to design innovation and meticulous craftsmanship was acknowledged when this remarkable project received the prestigious RIBA Hertfordshire Architects Association (HAA) Award for Small Works. The project was not only recognised but also received a commendation for its contribution to the domestic architecture landscape.

The Essence of Excellence

Nestled on Jennings Road in a locally listed Edwardian residence within a conservation area, the Jennings Road project stands as a testament to our passion for pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation. This build is a product of our philosophy of harmonising aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. From the conceptual stages to its fruition, every detail was meticulously curated to create a living space that encapsulates modernity while respecting the area’s architectural heritage.

Elevating Domestic Architecture

The project’s design revolves around the idea of elevating domestic architecture to new heights. The seamless fusion of contemporary elements with timeless aesthetics creates a unique ambiance that is both inviting and captivating. The interiors are a testament to the harmonious balance of open spaces and intimate corners, embracing natural light and fostering a sense of unity with the surroundings.

Awards and Commendations

Receiving the RIBA HAA Award for Small Works was an honour that validated our commitment to excellence. The project’s architectural finesse and attention to detail were recognised for their contribution to the architectural discourse. The commendation in the Domestic category further solidified the fact that our designs not only enhance the lives of the occupants but also elevate the entire neighbourhood’s architectural fabric.

The Heart of Our Craft

The Jennings Road project stands as a testament to our passion for pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation. From the initial sketches to the final brushstrokes, this build showcases our dedication to creating spaces that transcend the ordinary and embody the extraordinary.

Explore the captivating journey of the award-winning Jennings Road project on our website here. Immerse yourself in the architectural finesse, the meticulous detailing, and the vision that transformed a house into a home that is a work of art.

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