Our task was to design a new 4 bedroom home for our client with an emphasis on energy efficiency by incorporating elements from Passivhaus standards.

To achieve this, we focused on super insulation, integrating a heat recovery system, underfloor heating, and thermal mass. 

The rear of the house was designed around a central courtyard, providing privacy for our client while they enjoy their garden.

Our client desired a spacious garage, which we achieved by submerging it below ground level, keeping it hidden from street view and maintaining the appearance of a smaller dwelling consistent with neighboring homes.

We retained and redesigned the existing rear garage to incorporate it into the new house. 

At the client’s request, we utilized brick cladding for the exterior, incorporating set backs in the facades to reduce the building’s bulkiness.

Inside the house, a feature wall made of the same brick material connects the interior and exterior, rising prominently throughout the house. 

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