Our client approached us with a 3 bedroom house that had been untouched since the 1950s.

The goal was to completely renovate the house to meet modern living standards while preserving the original features and character of the 1920s arts and crafts house.

Since the rear of the house faced north, it was cold and dark. To address this issue, we installed a large expanse of rooflights, flooding the space with natural light without the risk of overheating. 

We also incorporated underfloor heating, replaced all windows, and insulated the existing structure to address the house’s cold aspect. 

To provide more space for our client’s growing family while maintaining a cosy atmosphere, we designed a double-storey side and rear extension and a loft conversion. Sliding walls were incorporated to allow for flexible use of the space. 

We landscaped the outdoor area to extend the internal living space, including a built-in BBQ, firepit, and water feature. Bifold doors connect the open-plan space to the garden. 

We also created a triple-height space in the internal hallways to compensate for the loss of windows resulting from the extension while also creating a standout feature that connects all floors of the house.

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